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Read&Write is a literacy support tool that provides reading, writing, studying, and research support.

  1. Defining Objectives
    Read&Write allows educators to define objectives by tailoring reading and writing tasks to specific learning outcomes.
  2. Determining Required Evidence
    Student performance in reading and writing activities can be tracked, providing evidence of progress and mastery.
  3. Creating the Learning Plan
    Read&Write can be integrated into the learning plan as a tool for improving literacy skills.

  1. Content
    With Read&Write, content can be adapted to meet individual student's literacy needs.
  2. Learning Process
    The tool supports flexible learning pathways, providing personalized assistance based on each student's literacy level.
  3. Product
    Read&Write enables students to demonstrate their learning through improved reading and writing tasks.
  4. Learning Environment
    Read&Write supports an inclusive learning environment by catering to students with varying literacy needs.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Read&Write employs text-to-speech and speech-to-text AI technologies to aid in reading and writing tasks.
  2. Adaptive Learning: Read&Write's literacy support adapts to each student's unique needs.
  3. Online Lessons: The tool enhances online lessons by providing literacy support during remote instruction.

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