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Nearpod is an interactive lesson delivery platform that allows teachers to create and share interactive lessons, monitor student progress, and provide instant feedback.

  1. Defining Objectives
    Teachers can define objectives in Nearpod by creating interactive lessons that align with their learning goals.
  2. Determining Required Evidence
    Nearpod provides real-time data and post-session reports, giving teachers evidence of student understanding.
  3. Creating the Learning Plan
    Teachers can integrate Nearpod into their learning plan as a tool for delivering interactive lessons and monitoring student progress.

  1. Content
    Nearpod allows teachers to differentiate content by customizing lessons based on student needs.
  2. Learning Process
    With Nearpod, students can interact with lessons at their own pace, supporting a personalized learning process.
  3. Product
    Students can use Nearpod to submit responses to interactive activities, demonstrating their learning.
  4. Learning Environment
    Nearpod creates an engaging, student-centered learning environment through its interactive lesson features.

  1. Adaptive Learning: Nearpod supports adaptive learning by allowing teachers to customize lessons and monitor student progress in real time.
  2. Online Lessons: Nearpod can be used to deliver interactive lessons during online or blended learning sessions.
  3. Virtual Reality: Nearpod offers VR Field Trips, allowing students to explore different environments and concepts in a more immersive way.

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