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Kialo Edu is a dedicated platform for educational discussions. It facilitates structured, clear, and critical debates, aiding in developing students' analytical and argumentative skills.

  1. Defining Objectives
    Educators can use Kialo Edu to define objectives centered on developing critical thinking, debating, and argumentation skills.
  2. Determining Required Evidence
    The structured debates on Kialo Edu can serve as evidence of students' understanding and critical thinking abilities.
  3. Creating the Learning Plan
    Kialo Edu can be incorporated into the learning plan as a tool for engaging students in constructive debate and discussion, thus facilitating deeper understanding.

  1. Content
    Kialo Edu allows educators to provide differentiated content, setting up debates and discussions that cater to varied learning needs and interests.
  2. Learning Process
    Kialo Edu supports differentiated learning processes, enabling students to engage with content and peers at their own pace and style.
  3. Product
    Students can use Kialo Edu to demonstrate their learning through their contributions to debates, offering a unique way to demonstrate understanding.
  4. Learning Environment
    Kialo Edu fosters a dynamic and interactive learning environment, stimulating students to actively engage and exchange ideas.

  1. Online Lessons: Kialo Edu enhances online lessons by providing a platform for structured, critical debates, promoting interactive and deep learning.

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