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EquatIO is a tool that makes math digital, allowing users to create mathematical equations, formulas, and quizzes.

  1. Defining Objectives
    EquatIO enables educators to clearly define objectives related to math and STEM subjects.
  2. Determining Required Evidence
    EquatIO’s quizzes and assignments provide solid evidence of students' mathematical understanding and skills.
  3. Creating the Learning Plan
    EquatIO can be integrated into a learning plan as a primary tool for teaching and learning mathematical concepts.

  1. Content
    EquatIO allows for differentiated content by letting educators create varied and level-appropriate math problems.
  2. Learning Process
    EquatIO supports a flexible learning process by allowing students to interact with mathematical concepts in a digital format.
  3. Product
    Students can demonstrate their understanding by creating their own equations and formulas using EquatIO.
  4. Learning Environment
    EquatIO promotes a flexible and inclusive learning environment by making math digital and accessible to all learners.

  1. Adaptive Learning: EquatIO's mathspace feature can adapt to each student's level of understanding, providing personalized mathematical tasks.
  2. Online Lessons: EquatIO enhances online math lessons by providing an intuitive digital interface for learning an interacting with mathematical concepts.

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